Mark, the founder, past President, and CEO of the Mon Valley Academy for the Arts has been working in the Mon Valley music industry for over 50 years. Starting as a student drummer under the tutelage of the famed Edward “Prof” Sweadner and moving on to study with Twin Coaches Orchestra drummer Bill Crockett, Smith advanced to the professional drummer level, working in all phases of the music industry: teaching, performing and recording.

During a chance meeting in November 2015 with the late Maestro Joe Campus, the Twin Coaches Orchestra Project was conceived. Following the initial “Coaches Tribute” concert, the Mon Valley Academy for the Arts (MVAA) was established and it’s now the Mon Valley’s most active arts and cultural nonprofit organization.

Mark is a permanent Mon Valley resident, father of five and grandfather of 11. With a lifetime of musical experience, Mark moved naturally into a leadership role with the MVAA. His future goals and objectives echo the MVAA’s motto: “Save the music and pass it on to the next generation!”

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