Musical Instrument Recovery Program (MIRP)

The purpose of the Musical Instrument Recovery Program (MIRP) is to rescue, repair, and place musical instruments in the hands of fledgling student musicians in the Mon Valley. Whether it’s a professionally played flute or clarinet, or a former student horn from a garage sale, each instrument has a second life that will give the gift of music to the new aspiring student musician.

Private Music Instruction Program

The Private Music Instruction Program is intended to supplement and enhance the student musician’s musical experience. By individual instruction, the student will advance at a quicker pace, plus gain real world performance experiences. Working in conjunction with a professional music instructor will allow the student to advance at their own pace while working on special techniques and methods that might not be available in a group setting. The MVAA Private Music Instruction Program has been proven to enhance not only the musical skills of the student, but to lead to better social skills, increased motor skills with better hand/eye coordination, concentration, and improved self esteem.


Founded in the United States in 1978, Kindermusik is an early childhood education music and movement program for children from infants to 7 years of age (second grade in elementary school). It is based on a Kindergarten music and movement program developed by education experts in Germany in the 1960s. When developing Kindermusik’s curriculum, the original creative team drew on the works of esteemed musicians and educators from Europe and Asia, including Shinichi Suzuki, Maria Montessori, Zoltan Kodaly, Emile Jaques-Dalcoze and Carl Orff. The MVAA will be a licensed, authorized agent of Kindermusik, which will allow us to expand our musical programming to include even younger students, providing creative musical experiences from early childhood to adult, serving music students and lovers of all ages.

Music OutReach Experience Program

In line with the goals and mission statement of the MVAA, the “Music OutReach Experience” (MORE) will serve as an extension of the MVAA and the Twin Coaches Orchestra Program nonprofit group. By offering music instructors and group teaching sessions, students of all ages, economic level and family status will be able to acquire musical skills from an accredited music instructor that will lead to improved social skills, academic ability, and heightened self esteem.

Each MVAA approved music instructor will follow the approved group session guidelines as directed by the MVAA and the host organization. Group sessions will be held on a biweekly schedule set according to MVAA and the host organization’s schedule and available facilities.

  • Each session will be 60 minutes in length
  • Only one musical instrument will be taught per session (ex: guitar, drum, violin)
  • Each session will be limited to 10 students
  • Host organization will provide one monitor for 10 students
  • Host organization or student will provide instruments and teaching method books
  • Instructor, following MVAA guidelines, will choose teaching material
  • Group sessions will be biweekly for a period of 12 weeks
  • Compensation of $100 (per session) will be forwarded to and made out to MVAA. Five percent of session total will be retained by MVAA with 95% of total compensation presented to session instructor
  • Host organization will provide a safe instruction area with chairs, instruments, chalk or dry erase/wipe board, etc.