Twin Coaches Orchestra

TC Jr. Stage Band

EQT/MVAA Free Summer Concert Series

Power of Music Free Summer Concert Series

Regimental Fife and Drum Unit

VoiceZ on Fire

Sam Bill Legacy Band/Mon Valley Marching Unit

Musical Instrument Recovery Program (MIRP)

The Musical Instrument Recovery Program (MIRP) aims to rescue, repair, and place musical instruments in the hands of fledgling student musicians in the Mon Valley. Whether it’s a professionally played flute or clarinet or a former student horn from a garage sale, each instrument has a second life that will give the gift of music to the new aspiring student musician.

Private Music Instruction Program

The Private Music Instruction Program is intended to supplement and enhance the student musician’s musical experience. Through individual instruction, the student will advance quicker and gain real-world performance experiences. Working with a professional music instructor will allow the student to advance at their own pace while working on special techniques and methods that might not be available in a group setting. The MVAA Private Music Instruction Program has been proven to enhance not only the student’s musical skills but to lead to better social skills, increased motor skills with better hand/eye coordination, concentration, and improved self-esteem.