All photos by Light & Love Photography by Joy.

The VoiceZ on Fire show choir at Mon Valley Academy for the Arts (MVAA) is an extraordinary opportunity for young performers in grades 7-12 to ignite their passion for singing, dancing, and stage presence. This dynamic and engaging group offers a platform for talented youth to come together, showcase their talents, and experience the thrill of musical performance.

Led by our experienced show choir director, the VoiceZ on Fire show choir provides an immersive and supportive environment for students to develop their vocal abilities, enhance their dance skills, and build confidence as performers. Participants refine their vocal technique through engaging rehearsals, learn intricate choreography, and work collaboratively to deliver captivating and entertaining performances.

The show choir program offers a diverse repertoire, ranging from contemporary pop hits to timeless Broadway classics. Students explore various musical styles, allowing them to expand their musical knowledge and versatility. Additionally, participants gain valuable experience in harmonizing, stage presence, and storytelling through music, honing their skills as well-rounded performers.

The VoiceZ on Fire show choir showcases its talent through various performances, including school concerts, local community events, and MVAA’s own recitals and showcases. These performances allow participants to captivate audiences, express their creativity, and create lasting memories with their fellow performers.

Joining the VoiceZ on Fire show choir offers a platform for artistic growth and development and fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendship among participants. Together, they form a tight-knit community of performers, supporting and inspiring each other to reach new heights.

At MVAA, we believe in empowering young artists and nurturing their artistic potential. The VoiceZ on Fire show choir embodies our commitment to providing exceptional arts education and fostering a lifelong love for music and performance. We invite passionate and talented youth to join us on this exhilarating musical journey, where they can unlock their full potential and shine on the stage.

For more information about the VoiceZ on Fire show choir or to inquire about auditions and enrollment, please contact:

Mon Valley Academy for the Arts


Phone: 724-565-1687

“VoiceZ on Fire hopefully will appeal to all youth who love music and are passionate about performing. In a sense, the MVAA show choir is an extension of the high school musical experience,” says Annette Buffer, MVAA President, who is spearheading the program as Director and Producer.

Rehearsals will be Tuesdays from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Peter J. Daley Cultural Center (MVAA South), 119 Brownsville Ave., Brownsville. Flex scheduling is available to accommodate vacations and other extracurricular activities of show choir participants. MVAA will provide music and audio files as educational guides for mastering the song list. 

Come and be a part of the VoiceZ on Fire show choir at MVAA—a vibrant ensemble where young performers can ignite their passion, showcase their talent, and create unforgettable musical experiences.