Jeannie Swinker is a highly accomplished musician passionate about music education and performance. Her musical journey began at Berklee College of Music, where she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of various musical genres. She furthered her education at Seton Hill College, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education.

For 17 years, Jeannie dedicated her talents to the Brownsville Area School District, where she served as a music teacher. Her commitment to nurturing young musicians and fostering a love for music in her students made a lasting impact on the community.

Beyond her teaching career, Jeannie’s musical abilities have led her to perform with prestigious ensembles. She is an active member of the Westmoreland Symphonic Winds, Sinfonia, Summer Symphonia, and the Sam Bill Legacy Band. Her involvement in these groups showcases her versatility and dedication to bringing the beauty of music to audiences far and wide.

Jeannie’s musical prowess extends beyond these ensembles. She has lent her talents to the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra, Mon Valley Community Band, and various musicals, choral concerts, and operas. Her ability to adapt to different musical settings and genres speaks to her versatility and deep musical understanding.

Jeannie’s outstanding musical abilities have earned her recognition and opportunities to perform alongside the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in the Adult Side by Side event. This prestigious invitation, extended to her five times, highlights her skill and talent as a musician.

With her extensive experience as an educator and her remarkable talent as a performer, Jeannie Swinker continues to inspire and engage audiences through the power of music. Her commitment to excellence, passion for teaching, and dedication to her craft make her a valuable asset to the music community and a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians.

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