Angel Wateska, a harpist from Monongahela, Pennsylvania, has mastered the enchanting strings for over a decade. Beginning her musical voyage at Ringgold Middle School, guided by Mrs. Melanie Sandrock, Angel flourished within the harp ensemble and string band, remaining a devoted member of both groups to this day.

Under the expert tutelage of Natalie Severson, a Carnegie Mellon University Harp Performance graduate, Angel immersed herself in pedal harp studies for four years. Her refined expertise led her to grace numerous recitals, including those hosted by the esteemed Ms. Gretchen Van Hoesen, Principal Harpist of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Angel’s performances extended to prestigious Scottish harp competitions, Pittsburgh American Harp Society events, private gatherings, and more.

Specializing in modern harp renditions, Angel breathes new life into timeless melodies, captivating music enthusiasts with her innovative covers. She publishes sheet music for fellow harpists, available at She also shares her mesmerizing work on her YouTube channel.

In every note and composition, Angel Wateska encapsulates the essence of dedication, innovation, and the timeless allure of the harp.